Exploring Beauty Trends at Glamour Beauty Festival 2019


As we eagerly awaited the opening of the Glamour Beauty Festival, my fellow beauty enthusiast and I mused about the overwhelming prevalence of social media as streams of visitors spun around us dictating each step, creating their own story with their friends. We ducked and dived out of each potential public story, stepping into the brightly lit and neon tunnel and surfed through rippling murmurs of “for the gram yeah?”, successfully entering the exhilarating buzz of beauty and skincare. Phew we sighed, that was close, a relief that we didn’t have to share each step online, that we just wanted to absorb the decadence of new skincare, observe the intricacies of the braids by Maui and learn how to get the best undone look from none other than the master of the messy bun and hairdresser to the Duchess of Sussex, George Northwood. So from my exciting experience at the Glamour Beauty Festival, I have listed 6 trends, brands or activities which sparked my interest:  

1. Kombucha probiotics is not just for the gut!

My top experience was the black tea and kombucha facial by Fresh.  Kombucha is a fermented sweetened tea promoted to have health benefits due to the probiotic produced from the bacteria and yeast. Kombucha on your skin was promoted in an essence format, which hydrates alongside detoxifying and can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is inline with the increased use of probiotics in food and in skincare.

2. Hyaluronic acid in a syringe?

Hyaluronic acid has been on the skincare radar for a while and features in most anti aging products these days however there was a big presence from Juvederm discussing the benefits of hyaluronic acid facial fillers.

As filler novices we were puzzled by the difference between this and botox. Actually unable to discuss botox with them,  I did my own research and for any similar novices to the filler world below are the differences!

a.Botox contains a purified bacteria that freezes muscles thus reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles

b.Dermal Fillers such as Hyaluronic acid fillers, add fullness to your face in areas which may have become thinner. Hyaluronic acid is found in tissues in the bodies and is said to add to the plumpness of the skin.


Following an increasing trend of using technology to create personlised communication Juvederm have a treatment visualizer app which will illustrate how their treatment will affect   your face. Proceed with caution, I am trying not to give in to my curiosity and download this app but if you choose to,  on your smooth forehead be it. It reminds me of the Olay skin advisor app which prompted me to tear out the door to my nearest Boots begging for the Regenerist Whip before I even closed the screen.

3. Self Tanning Water!

isle of paradise.jpg

The Isle of Paradise has brought out a water based self tanning water. It is on trend with its 100% vegan, cruelty free and organic, not to mention the promise of no biscuit smell and a colour corrector approach, so what’s not to like!?  The other thing I like about this company is it’s perhaps more refreshing approach to marketing in the beauty industry. I am enjoying the top ten commandments, including a favourite “Thou shall help your friends when tanning ….tan their back #grateful” . The normal female shaped ‘badass babes’ and the clever duo who founded the brand having a podcast to spread happiness and body confidence. Yes, I am now an IOP Islander as I can’t see a reason why not to be, that is until I try to put this self-tanning water on myself of course.

4. Instagram exposure is everything!

Contrary to our desire to keep off our ‘gram, was the brand’s desire to get on it.  Each brand offering a sample, with the return of “like our insta page!” or needing to have a photo taken to receive a product was evidence that influencer marketing is just getting bigger. By influencer marketing I don’t mean celebrities, I mean your friends. Micro-influencer marketing, by simply sharing a brand or experience with a small group of friends can at times be more beneficial to the brand than using a celebrity or traditional influencer.  This trend is on the increase shown by Sephora’s invitation to be part of their influencer squad, even without a large following on your page.

5. Iconic favourite reveals big rebrand!

Boots, reinvented. Boots were the partner of this event and they held centre stage but with a twist from their traditional identity. The Boots stand showcased brands such as Tan Lux and Becca which I would normally associate with higher end shops such as Space NK, so it was a delight to see them there alongside established Boots regulars such as Vichy and CYO. It was only after I discovered Boots will be giving its branches a makeover, starting with a new Covent Garden flagship store, so watch this space cosmetic lovers what will the iconic brand do next?

6. Hair Braids vs undone tousled curls.

Maui braids were all the rage which created a festival summer feel and contrary to the tight braids we also observed techniques to create the best undone bun. Apparently it is all about the volume, at the base created by back combing and a heavy use of Batiste dry shampoo as well as delicately tonged curls to create the ponytail or the bun we all desire. No blunt cuts and sparkling hair accessories here but perhaps that’s for next time!

So from kombucha and empowering girls with water based tanning through to fillers and apps to personalise your skin care journey to micro-influencers and the rebranding of a classic iconic staple,  there is a lot going on in the beauty world. What I missed from this event however, was the growing topic of men’s skin care and I was surprised it wasn’t a featured. This is something new and exciting that companies such as Harry’s are investing in to break that barrier and empower men to have the same care for their skin as women. Partnering with Harry Kane, gently reminding men that everyone is different and what that means is a good example of the ‘woke’ marketing attempting to remove the stigma and preconceptions of what it means to be a man. You can watch the video here.