Aligning values is the key for sustainable growth and loyalty

Do you have a transactional or emotional connection with your customers?

Is loyalty to your brand stagnating or, worse, shrinking?

Are you struggling to secure loyalty from your customers?

Consumers are increasingly drawn towards brands that have the same social values as they do.  Brands that successfully align their values with those of their consumers are more able to engage their consumers and forge an emotional connection, moving the relationship beyond the transactional, consequently driving loyalty.

In a world dominated by consumerism, too much choice, and a replace-not-repair attitude, it’s no wonder that consumers are looking for something more authentic. They are breaking free of the constraints of consumerism and inadvertently seeking out relationships and experiences.

The benefits are huge. When consumers have an emotional affiliation to a brand, they are more likely to come back to it and more likely to talk about it (possibly even brag about it), delivering the holy grail of loyalty.

Brands that get it right tap into their consumers’ hidden motives by talking to their shared values. It’s about a lifestyle, an attitude, a shared belief. It is not about an occasion or a category. At the end of the day, consumers don’t really care about whether washing powder  has a professional formula: they care about looking after their family, or being kind to the environment.

It will help you:

  • better align your values with consumers’ values & connect emotively for deeper & more engaging relationships;
  • align all parts of the business for consistent & seamless customer experiences;
  • put consumers at the heart of decision-making;
  • understand triggers & points of influence where your brand has an opportunity to impact the customer journey;
  • understand messaging that resonates with your audience, delivering more efficient & effective reach & communications;
  • optimise your branding & packaging;
  • enhance NPD & develop the innovation pipeline from the consumer perspective; and
  • refine distribution & retail strategies

mBODY is for all brands with growth aspirations: new brands, challenger brands, and established brands, can future proof their strategies and enhance loyalty by thinking with an mBODY lens.