Managing increasing insight demands on a decreasing budget

Do you have multiple stakeholders with different research requests?

Do you have a limited research budget that needs delicately managing to optimise impact?

Do stakeholders need support to understand what research can and can’t do to help them?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then Magenta's mPOWER could help you.

Research budgets are decreasing, and Insight teams are increasingly being pushed to make research budgets stretch further.  At the same time, Marketing teams are striving to deliver more effective marketing communications, which require a detailed understanding of target audiences.

To add to the difficulty, not all colleagues understand the research process; what types of questions research can address; or how best to use research findings once they’ve been delivered.

This often means requests for research can come from anywhere in the business at any time, often at a later stage in the creative process than the ideal, and Insight teams need to prepare a brief for agencies with little background or detailed information.

Once understood, it may be that:

  • it’s too late in the process to optimise research insight;
  • a full research project on its own isn’t needed, and it could be rolled into an existing project;
  • there is overlap between different areas of the business, and working together would provide efficiencies;
  • different areas of the business are commissioning similar research;
  • key themes don’t align with organisation values; or
  • stakeholders would benefit simply by having the opportunity to talk to consumers.

mPOWER works with Insight teams and stakeholders to identify key research needs across the whole business, delivering an innovative approach that combines multiple methods in a day long interactive session with consumers, therefore optimising both time and budgets. You get buy in from stakeholders from the beginning, and by the end, you will have a variety of outputs that can be disseminated and used with different stakeholders across the business.